M-Back. Modern Bakery.

Perfect quality. Attractive price. Absolut freshness. Delicious flavour.


Finest ingredients. Perfect quality.

There are bakery products that make your mouth water even just when looking at them at the sales counter.
From the first glance you look forward to the pleasure of fresh and delicious bread or rolls.
It is precisely this anticipation and this pleasure that we would like to achieve in the manufacturing of our products.

Products of perfect quality and with finest taste.

M-Back offers a fine-tuned collection of deep-frozen and refrigerated bakery products.
The diversity of products, their shaping, processing and finishing suits all tastes.
The offer comprises of the proven standard products and classics as well as of the innovative trend products:

Herb butter baguettes,
garlic butter baguettes,
Laugen baguettes,
Baguettes (Mediterranean butter fillings),
Baguettes (exotic butter fillings),
Baguettes (classic),
Stone oven ciabatta, PITA, Pizza rolls,
Mini Flutes.

Our bakery products. Perfect and fresh.

  • Only selected natural ingredients
  • Traditional, careful processing methods
  • Proven recipes
  • Attractive product creations
  • Permanent quality control
  • Absolute freshness
  • Finest taste

Our product line for your success

  • Fine-tuned deep-freeze and refrigerated product range
  • Ranging from proven classic to innovative trend products
  • Easy preparation
  • Easy portioning
  • Constant quality – proven and certified
    (IFS, HACCP, Kosher and EnMS)
  • Attractive price level

  • Baguette | Product


    • various forms, sizes and weights
    • different recipes, fillings and ingredients
    • Wheat dough or wheat mixed dough with natural leaven or wheat dough
    • according to French tradition
    • Stage of completion: pre-baked
    • Minimum durability: 12-15 months (deep-frozen)
    • Minimum durability: 4 weeks (frozen)

  • Wheat roll | Product


    • Many different types
    • Various decors
    • Wheat dough or wheat mixed dough with natural leaven
    • Stage of completion: pre-baked
    • Minimum durability: 12-15 months (deep-frozen)


With exquisite resources to a perfect product.

Only natural and first-class ingredients get the chance to be processed by M-Back – this is what our master bakers agree upon. It is only selected flour and grain types, natural leaven, pure butter, finest herb mixtures and other natural ingredients of finest quality that serve as the basis of our bakery products.
Our master bakers put special attention on dough processing over long periods.

A special leaven plant ensures that the natural leaven gets, first of all, enough time for maturity and development. This is the only way it can develop its full aroma. After the dough was kneaded gently, it gets time to ripe again which is important to get fluffy and cross bakery products in the end.

  • Shovel | Product
  • Stirr | Product
  • Shapening | Product
  • Cutting | Product
  • Baguettes | Product
  • Oven  | Product
  • Deepfreeze | Product


Afterwards, the dough is processed gently and, depending on the final product, rarefied with flour or different seeds.

The bakery products develop their fine taste in the cooking chamber and, later, in the oven. Fresh from the oven, it is refined or cooled and packed directly.
Thus, it remains delicious and fresh.

Before the products leave our baking company in customer direction, they are either stored under refrigeration at +5 degree Celsius or in deep-freeze stores at -27 degree Celsius, a particularly gentle preservation method. The products are supplied via an unbroken refrigeration chain. Thus, deliveries according to the requirements will finally reach their destination reliably and safe. Always in perfect quality, always at the desired time.

Cutting-edge technology guarantees perfect quality and freshness.
  • Most modern plant technology – always State-of-the-Art
  • Resource-saving production procedures
  • Flexible packaging systems
  • Intelligent logistics systems and latest storage technology
  • Proven logistics networks and Supply Chain Management
  • Certified Quality Management and continuous quality assurance
  • Controlled strict hygiene


Product development in passing.

Even if the periods needed for developing new bakery products get shorter and shorter these days, it will remain a strategic task for M-Back.
Learn more about our product services.